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What is Ballast?

Both HID and fluorescent lights require high voltage electricity in order to ignite the discharge inside the lamp. A traditional electrical socket does not provide the voltage needed, so the lamp must be connected to the traditional electricity source through a ballast—a device that provides the higher voltage needed. Once the bulb is ignited, the ballast maintains the discharge with a steady, lower voltage flow of electricity.

Do You Need a Ballast to Operate an LED Grow Light?

LED lights do not require the use of a ballast. For one thing, the electrical current needed to power LED lights is much less than that of HID and fluorescent lights. Plus, LED lights are engineered with a driver built-in. The LED driver is the electrical device that ensures light-emitting diodes receive the voltage necessary to light up. It also regulates the current one the LED light is illuminated to make sure the LED does not burn itself out.