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What is an Air-Cooled Reflector?

  Grow light reflectors are hoods designed to reflect light down onto your plants, ensuring that your crop gets as much light as possible from your lamps. An air-cooled reflector is sealed by a glass tube or panel and features ventilation ducts that guide hot air produced by the grow light out of the grow room through ducting. 

Why You Don’t Need an Air-Cooled Reflector for Your LED Grow Light

  While air-cooled reflectors help you get the most value from an HID lighting system while reducing cooling costs, they’re completely unnecessary for LED grow lights.  Why? Two reasons:
  1. LED grow lights are designed in such a way that all the light they produce is already directed straight down onto a canopy. No need for reflection.
  2. LEDs do not emit heat radiation, so there is no need for ventilation in the first place.