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  • Providing coverage for 16 square feet, our SolarXtreme 500 full-spectrum LED grow lights support all phases of the growing cycle, whether used for small-scale home growing or in a grow tent. The grow light system’s innovative design eliminates LED drivers. This is because of a revolutionary chip-on-board design and direct AC drive built into the unit.

    High-efficiency LEDs provide an output that draws less energy and results in much lower costs than traditional LED lights. At the same time, this latest addition to our line of LED plant lights puts out the full spectrum, and there’s no need to adjust the system based on changes to your yield. You can, therefore, optimize plant health and get more of it per wattage. In fact, this product consumes as much as half the electricity of traditional LED greenhouse lights.

    This compact unit offers the following advantages of large LED lights, so your home or small growing operation can thrive:

    Power Draw: 400w
    500 PPFD Distance: 24"
    800 PPFD Distance: 18"
    Max Current: 3.3A @120v
    Coverage Area: Up to 4' x 4'
    Heat Output: 1280 BTU
    Dimensions: 18" x 8.5" x 4"
    Weight: 11 lbs.
    Thermal Management: Active
    Warranty:3 Years

    SolarXtreme Optigrow Full Spectrum

    *The SolarXtreme 500 is not compatible with the SolarSystem Controller. SolarXtreme series lights must be plugged into a standard timer for automated scheduling.

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    What is the difference between SolarXtreme and SolarSystem series lights?

Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews
very happy with results

I love my SolarExtreme 500, runs very cool and is extremely bright, the light itself looks great, plants responding right away. Using in a 4x4 tent and getting good full coverage of light. I recommend and would buy again.

Se 500s vs 1000 watt hps/mh

So far they are doing pretty goid in comparison but I'm only in veg

Nice Light

This is replacing a older 220W LED from Callightworks
Is well made bright and does give off some heat compared to smaller one but I expect that..
I put in a 3x3 and got some bigger fans, intake and outtake... now at a comfortable temp..
The light has one weird thing - you can not take photos - it produces a weird banding across lenses ( like the LEDs are in a wave pattern ) and the cameras pick it up...your eyes wont see it but lenses do...
Plants love it though I had a small one that just wouldn't grow...after adding the brighter light it started to reach up..never have I had one do this probably genetic but the brighter light has helped on the other plants making the colors come out in leaves dark purple -
Overall I'm happy with it. Cal Lightworks makes a quality product that lasts. I still use my older one I just left it in tent lol..tandem together make it brighter. \o/

quality product

after spending much time researching lights for my small area i choose the solar extreme 500 and it absolutely lives up to its reputation. i was worried about excessive heat in a small 4x4 grow area but this light is perfect, consistent temps in the mid 70's


30 day's in, veg is incredible 😁 can't wait to see how it flowers???

Fantastic results and service

First I must say that dealing Adam from the customer relations side was amazing. He guided me through the process of finding the right package for my grow space. I purchased the wrong voltage at first and he helped me do the exchange with no hassle from their end. He didn’t try to push me for more than I needed in my grow space and since changing to the solar extreme series from the previous LEDs I had, I’ve experienced a massive improvement in quality and quantity. Im even seeing better quality than my HPS and I know it seems impossible but it’s true. Thanks California Light Works for putting real craftsmanship into an American made product I can feel good about investing in.

Arrived on time

They shipped the lights out quickly I didn't use the 500 right away but ones I did the plants loves it thinking about ordering one more after I see final product


I recommend these lights

great light

great light output, doesn't get too hot to the touch. my ladies are loving this light in a 5x5 tent.

Solar Extreme 500

Received product looks well constructed, except cord could be an additional 2ft, and plants are responding nicely.

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