SolarSystem® 550 VEG

This product has been discontinued. Veg spectrum can still be achieved with the standard SolarSystem 550 when connected to a SolarSystem Controller.

  • The SolarSystem 550 Veg has the same design as the standard 550, with heavier blue LED concentration for optimal vegetative growth. This LED grow light system features the latest generation high-efficiency LEDs, as well as the most versatile control system on the market. This system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large commercial operation.

    A revolution in horticulture LED lights, the SolarSystem 550 Veg focuses light across the entire spectrum, driving photosynthesis, growth, and plant health. It can be programmed to suit specific requirements while consuming just 0–400 watts of power. A single grow light system covers a bloom area of 3 x 4 feet, and its vegetative coverage area is up to 6 x 8 feet.

    This indoor LED grow lights fixture is compact yet highly efficient. It’s part of our expansive line of full-spectrum grow lights suited for personal growers and those who require high-quality commercial indoor LED lighting. The ability to control spectral output gives growers nearly unlimited flexibility in managing crop production and plant growth at any phase of a plant’s lifecycle.

    With the SolarSystem 550 Veg, create the perfect growing environment in any setting, no matter how small or large. Traditional UVB grow lights don’t compare in terms of yield and efficiency. We’ve applied a research-driven approach to developing an LED grow light system that is more effective, efficient, and convenient.

    • The ultimate veg light with a heavy blue concentration
    • Fully programmable for all phases of growth (SolarSystem Controller required)
    • Replaces 600-watt MH HID light using 40% less power
    • Heavier vegetative growth and bushier plants
    • Perfect for Propagation or Veg
    • Never Needs Bulbs – Easy to Install
    • Perfect for small- or large-scale grows

    *SolarSystem Controller required (Sold Separately).

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The Vegetation Room: Love Buds in Love County

Love Buds in Love County is a family-owned and operate cultivator and processor located in Love County, Oklahoma. We have equipped their commercial grow with our most powerful LED Grow lights on the market. Take a look at SolarSystem 550, 550 Veg, 1100, UVB, and controller all in action.

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SolarSysteme Controller LED Grow Lights

SolarSystem® Controller

• Touch screen digital controller

• Manual or automatic programmable spectrum control

• Automatic multi-voltage power supply

• 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming

• 0% – 100% three band spectrum control

• Day/Week/Month/Season Calendar

• Save multiple programs and routines

• One touch view mode for natural white lighting

• Battery power back-up

• Network an unlimited number of lights from a single controller

And much, much more!

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