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SolarSystem® 1100

Power Cord
Mounting Bracket
  • The SolarSystem 1100 (SS 1100) represents the most powerful horticulture LED lights we’ve ever made. The SS 1100 is lightweight yet puts out more light than much larger LED grow lights and will replace a 1000-watt HPS system. Powerful enough for veg or bloom, the SS 1100 features fully programmable spectrum control with the optional SolarSystem Controller.

    This grow light system enables 0 to 100% dimming of commercial LED grow lights. It also offers a large 5’ x 5’ bloom coverage area and 8’ x 8’ foot vegetative coverage area. A high efficiency of 2.23 umol/j and 0–800-W power consumption contributes to efficient growing operations. Light output from our full spectrum grow lights promotes photosynthesis at all stages of growth and a comfortable environment to assess and maintain crops.

    Linked together in a series, SS 1100 large LED lights can cover any size grow area—large or small—while drastically cutting energy usage and eliminating the need to change bulbs—ever. These commercial grow lights are ideal for maximizing yield in small growing operations and continue to meet your operational needs as your business grows.

    The advanced SolarSystem 1100 offers exceptional power and convenience and provides the conditions needed for any size of commercial crop production operation to succeed.

    • Advanced LED Grow Light System
    • Replaces a 1000-watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
    • Fully Programmable Spectrum Control*
    • Higher Yields and Better Quality
    • Perfect for Propagation, Veg, or Bloom
    • Never Needs Bulbs—Easy to Install
    • Perfect for Small- or Large-Scale Grows
    • 5 Year Warranty—Made in the USA
    • *SolarSystem Controller Required (Sold Separately)

SolarSystem® 1100 Tutorials, Videos & Articles

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SolarSysteme Controller LED Grow Lights

SolarSystem® Controller

• Touch screen digital controller

• Manual or automatic programmable spectrum control

• Automatic multi-voltage power supply

• 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming

• 0% – 100% three band spectrum control

• Day/Week/Month/Season Calendar

• Save multiple programs and routines

• One touch view mode for natural white lighting

• Battery power back-up

• Network an unlimited number of lights from a single controller

And much, much more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Insane coverage

I've been using the Solar System
1100 for almost two and a half years now.
The system has been working flawlessly from day one.
Yields have been unbelievable.
I was never able to produce results like this with HID I tried.
This 1100 should be in everyone's garden.

Solar System 1100

I am very happy with my solar system 1100. The only issue I had was with the controller,but no hassle service and within a week to ten days I had a new one sent to me and I was back up an running 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

The D

Preforms as advertised
Customer Service good.
Nice system Results orentated.

Powerful light

This thing kicks ass. Super powerful. Lots of control ( with the controller ) good quality build no cheap shit here. Excellent fuckin customer service


Bought the 1100 series for my first grow, out performed all my other buddies brands. Amazing lights will be buying more.


The lamps are awesome. I recommend resolving the problem with the controllers. I bought two controllers and they wont respond to advance settings and some times one of them dont turn the lamps on. Other than that they work just fine.


Excellent service Great products this is my second time ordering from CLW I highly recommend them


Excellent customer service and product.


Excellent service always gave me a good deal on their products and had a problem on one of their controllers called them they sending a new controller right away I'm happy with them products


I was going to order on the website but I wasn't sure about my order so I called. I spoke with a guy who helped me determine which light was right for my tent. So far everything is looking good and my light is working great! Thanks!!

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