SolarSystem® 550

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  • The SolarSystem features the latest generation high-efficiency LEDs as well as the most versatile control system on the market. This commercial indoor LED lighting system is perfect for a single light in a tent or several hundred lights in a large commercial operation.

    Overcoming the limitations of high-intensity discharge lighting systems, the SolarSystem 550 LED grow light system offers programmable spectrum control over multiple wavelengths. It operates at a frequency of 50-60 Hz and draws a maximum current of 3.3A @ 120 V, 1.65 A @ 240 V. Power consumption ranges from 0-400 W, which is exceptional compared to traditional UVB grow lights.

    In fact, our full spectrum horticulture LED lights are some of the most durable, energy efficient commercial LED grow lights on the market. Plus, this grow light system provides uniform lighting over a maximum bloom coverage area of 4 x 4 feet, and a vegetative coverage zone of 6 x 6 feet. Single users and users of commercial grow lights can benefit from a broad-spectrum system that supports photosynthesis and robust plant growth.

    These large indoor LED grow lights are designed to improve yield and visual conditions, making it easy for growers to assess their crops in any environment. The SolarSystem 550 offers growers the following benefits:

    • Advanced LED Grow Light System
    • Replaces a 600 watt HPS with 40% Less Energy
    • Fully Programmable Spectrum Control*
    • Higher Yields and Better Quallty
    • Perfect for Propagation, Veg or Bloom
    • Never Needs Bulbs- Easy to Install
    • Perfect for small or large scale grows

    *SolarSystem Controller required (Sold Separately)

SolarSystem® 550 Tutorials, Videos & Articles

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Love Buds in Love County Equipped with California Lightworks LED Grow Lights

Love Buds in Love County is a family-owned and operate cultivator and processor located in Love County, Oklahoma. We have equipped their commercial grow with our most powerful LED Grow lights on the market. Take a look at SolarSystem 550, 550 Veg, 1100, UVB, and controller all in action.

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Harborside / FLRish Farms equipped With California LightWorks SolarSystem 550

California LightWorks visits FLRish Farms, a converted, 52,000-square-foot greenhouse facility in Salinas, California. FLRish Farms is a major supplier to Harborside - an iconic California cannabis company - and they’ve installed over 2,250 SolarSystem 550 light units from California LightWorks for commercial agriculture.

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SolarSysteme Controller LED Grow Lights

SolarSystem® Controller

• Touch screen digital controller

• Manual or automatic programmable spectrum control

• Automatic multi-voltage power supply

• 24-hour clock with minute by minute programming

• 0% – 100% three band spectrum control

• Day/Week/Month/Season Calendar

• Save multiple programs and routines

• One touch view mode for natural white lighting

• Battery power back-up

• Network an unlimited number of lights from a single controller

And much, much more!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Todd Smith
Mr. Big

Love my new light, I already want another one. My 5x5 tent will be flooded with two 550s in it. Can't hardly wait. A+++

Brian Cogdill
So much yes!

I’m extremely happy with my choice to get these 550’s! Coupled with the UVB’s, the density was very nice. Stop reading reviews, & BUY IT!!

Barney Mayerson
Light Science

The controllers and 550 Lights are high tech and well constructed. A great product. Though I have not as yet started growing the set up has been guided by their Support Staff and that is why I would rate this product as a great buy. Their Support Staff is accommodating and qualified and especially patient which to an Analog old person like me made an ordeal a deal.
I highly recommend this Company from the Sales person Adam to the Tech Support David and Matt.
In short, a great product and staff and a great company.

Chris Pastor

Best led out there, things have improved 100% in my garden!! Clw rocks!!

Jeffrey Millar
Solar system 550

I already have a SS550 with a controller love it’s flexibility to adjust the light spectrum. I love the outcome so much I just received my second Ss550
Great product

Sherman Church

Works great. I already notice a difference.


You get what you pay for, and in the case of the SS550, you get a great product that performs as claimed!

Great lights

These are really nice, easy to use lights. Being able to link and control them is super nice

Robert Holmes
Super light

Best light I've ever used. I've have HPS/MH & Florescent. But this LED is far superior. After 3 days my plants were doing there happy dance. Incredible !!!

William Hartsock
SolarSystem 550

I purchased my first 550 3 years ago and had a great grow, I switched to 1000w HPS from advice from and did not get the results I was looking for. I went back to the 550 and added UVB lights and got better results just wasn't getting the light levels that I wanted so I ordered a Second 550 daisy chained together. I just started my New Grow and will be looking forward to the results this time. Outstanding product with Full Control of all light levels throughout the grow cycle is outstanding. 1 to 99 control for all light levels can't ask for anything better.
They are expensive but full Control of your lighting is everything will enjoy these for years to come.

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