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Introducing SaniPure UVC 15, the Sanitizing UVC Light

SaniPure UVC

California LightWorks is happy to introduce SaniPure UVC, a new sanitizing UVC Light designed to help you protect your homes from pathogens. As a leading lighting manufacturer, we have always known that light has the power to sustain and protect life. In recent years, we have conducted extensive research into new methods for using UVC radiation to protect plants from mildew.

Now, as our world faces the ongoing threat of new viruses, we’ve turned our focus to human wellness. Through careful engineering, our team has designed SaniPure, a handheld device that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. This UVC light is safe to use at home and effectively sanitizes countless surfaces and objects.

Here’s everything you need to know about the all-new SaniPure Sanitizing UVC Light.

Why Use UVC Light to Sanitize Your Home?

You already know the downsides of disinfecting your home using chemical products.

First, there’s the challenge of simply finding the supplies you need as demand for these products skyrockets. Then, there’s the added frustration of price gouging. Plus, these are consumable products, so once your home is stocked, you know you’re going to have to endure the same headache again in a matter of weeks.

Household cleaners also require you to soak your property in chemicals and load your garbage bin with waste. And they don’t offer much help when it comes to cardboard packaging, cereal boxes, touchscreens, and other objects you’d rather not spray down.

UVC light avoids these problems while offering a solution that’s just as effective. In some cases, UV disinfection is even more thorough. Light radiation can reach those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach with a disinfectant wipe.

So how exactly does UVC light kill viruses and bacteria?

UVC is the shortest wavelength of UV radiation. This light penetrates and destroys the DNA of living cells, inactivating that organism. In short, UVC light leaves viruses and bacteria inactive by attacking their DNA.

A powerful UVC light like the SaniPure accomplishes this in a matter of seconds.


What Makes Our SaniPure UVC Light Unique

California LightWorks is not the first light manufacturer to create a sanitizing UVC light. However, we are leading the way when it comes to designing this technology for versatile in-home use.

In the past, professionals across several industries have used UVC radiation to sterilize medical equipment, water, and even the air in commercial facilities. However, UVC technology hasn’t been available to the general public for much more than small devices created to sanitize smartphones.

The SaniPure is different. Our device is light enough to be held in one hand, but large enough to quickly scan sizable surfaces. The lamp is 15 watts, providing powerful radiation that kills viruses and bacteria within seconds. It’s also priced competitively, adding up to significant savings over time, as households spend less on consumable disinfecting products.


How to Use the SaniPure UVC Light at Home?


Using the SaniPure is easy.

  1. Put on the protective gloves and glasses (included).
  2. Plug in the device.
  3. While pressing on the red button, hover the light about 1-3 inches above the surface you wish to sanitize.
  4. Slowly scan the beam across the surface.
  5. To effectively kill pathogens, surfaces need to be exposed to the UVC light at this intensity for a minimum of 10-15 seconds.

That’s it.

You can use the SaniPure to kill pathogens on a wide range of surfaces and objects. Popular applications include:

  • High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops
  • Delivery packages
  • Groceries and take-out orders
  • Hard-to-clean objects like toys and keys
  • Electronics such as computer terminals and keyboards

Not only does UV disinfecting avoid the mess of chemical products, it also gets the job done faster.

Important Safety Guidelines

While it is perfectly safe to store and use a UVC light in your home, you should follow some basic safety guidelines. UVC radiation can damage skin and eyes so it must be used with caution.  Our SaniPure UVC fixtures is designed with a momentary switch so it’s not turned on accidentally.

Never point the SaniPure beam at human skin or eyes. The light comes with protective glasses and gloves. Wear these items every time you use the light to sanitize an object in your home.


Learn More About SaniPure

We know the new SaniPure represents a powerful step forward in our collective effort to slow the spread of dangerous pathogens. We’re excited to offer this solution to our community.

However, we also know many households are new to UV disinfection. If you have any questions about the SaniPure in particular or UVC radiation in general, please contact us anytime.

If you’d like to get a closer look at the SaniPure or you’re ready to bring this light home, you can find it right here on the California LightWorks website.


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