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How to Use SaniPure UVC™ 15 Germicidal Light

Germicidal Light

Whether you purchased a SaniPure UVC 15 germicidal light or you’re just looking into it, we can give you some guidance on how to use it. UVC light is a powerful weapon against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold spores. This form of ultraviolet radiation sits at the far left end of the light spectrum. UVC has the power to deactivate DNA in living things.

The sun radiates UVC light. But unlike UVA and UVB, UVC is almost completely filtered out by the ozone layer. UVC radiation does not reach earth, so most organisms have not evolved a defense against it.

This is why UVC germicidal light is an excellent solution for disinfecting objects and surfaces. It’s also a great way to minimize the amount of toxic chemicals used to keep your home or work environment safe.

That said, ultraviolet lights like the SaniPure are only effective disinfection agents if you use them correctly. Here’s everything you need to know about how to maintain a safer, healthier space with our germicidal lamp.

What Items Can You Sanitize with Germicidal Light?

The SaniPure UVC 15 can disinfect many surfaces, including those that are difficult to treat with chemicals. The light is able to radiate into nooks and crannies you can’t get to with a wipe. And you can shine the lamp on electronics without fear of harming the device.

Popular uses of germicidal light include:

  • Countertops
  • Packages
  • Take-out containers
  • Grocery items
  • Keys
  • Touchscreens
  • Keyboards
  • Phones and tablets
  • Television remotes
  • Shared work equipment
  • Hand tools
  • Doorknobs
  • Toys
  • And much more

Always take shadowing into account when deciding whether or not to treat a surface with germicidal light. Only surfaces exposed to light can be disinfected. The SaniPure UVC 15 is most effective on relatively flat surfaces. For objects that have raised areas or nooks, try scanning the light from a few different angles.

We do not recommend using germicidal light to treat fabrics or other porous surfaces. If the virus can disappear within the texture of a surface, opt for chemical treatment instead.

We also get a lot of questions about using the SaniPure UVC 15 to sanitize pets or plants. We strongly advise against shining the light on any living thing. UVC rays damage living cells, including skin. For this reason, we also encourage you to use the protective gloves included with the SaniPure fixture.


Setting Up to Use Your SaniPure UVC 15 Safely

The SaniPure UVC 15 includes:

  • Handheld fixture
  • One fluorescent bulb
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective glasses

When you first receive your germicidal light, you’ll need to install the fluorescent lamp into the fixture. To do this:

  1. Make sure the fixture is unplugged.
  2. Gently line up the two pins on each end of the fluorescent tube with the fixture.
  3. Apply slight pressure to turn the bulb until it clicks into place.

Prepare to use the lamp by putting on the included gloves and protected glasses.

You can use your own gloves and glasses if you prefer. Just make sure:

  • The gloves are opaque and long. They should provide protection up to your lower arms and prevent any light from getting through to your skin.
  • The glasses filter UV light. You can use UV sunglasses or clear UV protective glasses purchased at the hardware store.


How to Scan Surfaces Using Germicidal Light?

The first thing you must understand is that germicidal light does not kill viruses instantaneously. There is a science to the amount of intensity and exposure it takes to deactivate the DNA of various organisms.

In order for the SaniPure 15 UVC to be effective, you need to make sure it’s close enough to the surface to maintain optimal light intensity. You also have to scan slowly enough for the radiation to destroy the DNA.

Fortunately, viruses are one of the easiest organisms to kill. Bacteria take a little longer, and mold, mildew, and fungus take even longer still.

To kill a virus using the SaniPure 15 UVC:

  1. Place the object you want to disinfect on a flat, disinfected surface. Do not hold the item in your hand. Do not allow the item to come into contact with objects or surfaces that have not been disinfected.
  2. If the object is not perfectly flat (e.g. keys on a keyring), spread it out to be as flat as possible.
  3. Plug in the germicidal light fixture and turn on the lamp.
  4. Hover the SaniPure no more than 3” above the object.
  5. Slowly scan the light across the surface you wish to sanitize. To give you a sense of what “slowly” means, it should take you about 10 seconds to scan 1 foot.
  6. Rotate the object or use different angles as needed to ensure light reaches every surface.

Several customers have asked us how much surface area they can scan with the SaniPure. You certainly can use the SaniPure to scan larger surfaces; just know that the bigger the surface area, the longer it takes.

There are larger ultraviolet germicidal lights on the market. However, these lights tend to be far more expensive and you lose the convenience of a handheld device.

You may also have seen small germicidal lights for smartphones. In all honesty, a unit like the SaniPure UVC 15 is a more reliable tool for disinfecting your phone. Those small light boxes are inexpensive, but the power is lower. It takes longer to sanitize your mobile device, and there’s a chance that it won’t work at all.


How to Maintain Your SaniPure Light?

After you’ve finished using your germicidal light, wipe down the outer body of the fixture with soap and water or disinfectant. Carefully remove your reusable gloves, then wash them thoroughly and hang them to dry.

It should be quite a while before you need to replace your UVC bulb. The light is rated for 8,000 hours. However, when the time comes to replace your germicidal light bulb, we recommend only using the California LightWorks UVC bulb designed specifically for the SaniPure UVC 15.

When replacing the bulb, please make sure the unit is unplugged.

Germicidal light is a valuable, chemical-free option for killing viruses and other pathogens. We’ve worked hard to create a unit that’s powerful enough to work quickly but compact enough to manage easily.

When used correctly, your SaniPure UVC 15 helps you maintain a safe and healthy space for years to come. If you have any questions about SaniPure or UV disinfection, our customer support team is here to help.


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